Thursday, 25 November 2010

Giving thanks for the memories

So today is Thanksgiving in the USA. People all around the States will be spending time with their loved ones, eating yummy food and relaxing, happy not to be at work, and generally, well, giving thanks. So it's pretty much the same as how the Yorkshireman and I felt every day on our own trip stateside, from which we returned at the weekend after nine awesome days in New York (well, seven full days and two half days).

I don't think I can truly describe how much fun we had, although I will be giving it a try and will be writing a series of trip report style blog entries in the coming days. I just need to finish going through our photos, itinerary, scribbled notes and credit card records to try and figure out which wonderful thing we did on which wonderful day (seriously, I think we managed to fit about two weeks' worth of activities into just the one and they're all a delightful muddle in my mind). I'm about halfway through at the moment so I'm aiming to start posting at the weekend.

It was just so utterly fabulous but even thinking about it now, as I sit in my living room waiting for it to warm the feck up already (the room temperature is currently 13°C thanks to a lack of timer for our central heating), looking out at the rain and thinking about how much I don't want to go to work tomorrow, it makes me sigh deeply as I recall happy, carefree days doing whatever the hell we wanted to do, whenever the hell we wanted to do it. It was absolute bliss and I shall treasure the memories forever, somewhat aided by the 747 photos we took (mostly the Yorkshireman because he's a good photographer and also cannot walk more than 50 metres in a new place without whipping out his camera).

But nothing lasts forever and there's a good four weeks left of working, life commitments, Christmas shopping (eek!) and general mundaneness before our next break from it all. We're visiting the Yorkshireman's family for Christmas this year and I'm planning on rocking up with a good supply of warm pyjamas and taking full advantage of the squashy sofa and the wood-burning fire. Gosh it even sounds cosy and relaxing.

In the meantime there's plenty to be getting on with (for example figuring out what to buy your mother for Christmas when she hates flowers, doesn't like chocolate, doesn't wear perfume or make-up, already has enough toiletries to rival Boots and owns enough handbags to make TK Maxx nervous) so I best get on with it.

But first... fleecy pyjamas! £6 in Primark if you're in the market for some - such a bargain I bought two pairs. If it doesn't warm up in here soon I may also need to track down my very attractive red duvet slippers from last year's Ikea line. Yep, I'm so totally stylin'! It was clearly fitting that we stayed in the Fashion District of New York. Ah New York... *deep sigh*

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