Monday, 20 December 2010

A holiday tradition

BACTERIUM 1: Hey, Martha?

BACTERIUM 2: Yes, Eric?

BACTERIUM 1: What's the date today?

BACTERIUM 2: Um, Friday 10th December. My my, where has the time gone?

BACTERIUM 1: I know, it has flown by! Of course you know what this means?

BACTERIUM 2: I do, but I must admit I do feel a bit guilty. Could we not wait until after Christmas this year? Give her a bit of a break for a change?

BACTERIUM 1: No, a tradition is a tradition, Martha.

BACTERIUM 2: Ok, ok. So, what's it to be this time, Eric? Sinusitis? UTI? Pneumonia?

BACTERIUM 1: Ah sure we can decide when we get there. But why limit ourselves to just the one? We should really spoil ourselves this time.

BACTERIUM 2: No problem Eric - just make sure you bring plenty of supplies - I'm planning on a long stay again this year and of course we're inviting the whole family too.

BACTERIUM 1: Ah yes, it will be a lovely big family Christmas. I can't wait. I do love the smell of infections in the winter... it smells like... victory...

BACTERIUM 2: Indeed. Of course it will be over all too soon.

BACTERIUM 1: Yes but then we will be visiting again in January anyway... and then there's our February break too. Don't worry, darling, we'll be infecting her for many, many winters to come.

BACTERIUM 2: You're right, dear. So what are we waiting for? You grab the resistance to first-line antibiotics and I'll go pack the fever and fatigue!

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