Thursday, 31 March 2011

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I haven't been blogging that long myself but for a few years now I've been lurking in the shadows of the blogging sphere, spending many's a break time at work catching up on the lives and twisted minds of my favourite Internet writers. I rarely comment but my Google Reader is well-utilised. This of course means it's not just blogs I amuse myself with - any regularly updated websites are subject to my persural. And so, in the absence of anything exciting or noteworthy to write about myself at the moment I thought I would share some of my favourite RSS feeds…

I've been reading Amy's blog for years and have followed her tales from her young professional days in Washington DC to her current professional blogger stardom with two of the cutest kids ever and another on the way. I almost feel like I know her, which is surely strange (and probably creepy for Amy I would imagine) bearing in mind we've never met and I've only ever left like three or four brief comments on her blog, but she's so open and honest that it would be hard not to form an attachment. Her posts can be touching, serious and hilarious depending on the context and she has one of the best writing styles of any blogger I've read. She's going through a tough time at the moment and it's funny how the pain of a complete stranger thousands of miles away can make you feel sad too.

Cake Wrecks
Cake Wrecks is one of those websites whose daily update can actually make me snort with laughter. I have literally spilled my coffee shaking my laughter at some of the wrecks. They also publish some examples of perfectly created cakes to balance out the failage so there's a wow factor involved there too. Still no Ace of Cakes but then no-one can beat Duff at making cakes bigger, badder and, indeed, awesome.

I used to be a big fan of Failblog, but it started making me fear for the future of humanity, so instead I turned to its sister website, Failbook. If you're a Facebook user, you'll find it entertaining, especially if you happen to be friends with any teenagers, in which case it takes on a definite "funny cos it's true" element. Failbook simultaneously horrifies me (are people really that dumb?!) and amuses me to the point of executing an actual, real-life LOL. In front of my colleagues. In a silent room. Yup. It is genuinely that funny though sometimes!

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal
If you're an XKCD fan, or even just a wee bit of a geek, you'll appreciate Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal. I'm not a great fan of comics in general (well except from my daily dose of Dilbert and Garfield) but I'm always happy when humour, social commentary and nerdom collide. Sometimes confuses me (when it's a bit toogeeky for me to comprehend) but often amuses me.

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